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Amazon Appstore

Smartphones have become an increasingly important component of the overall digital landscape of recent.

In 2010 over 293million Smartphones were sold globally and it is apparent that the mobile market is currently experiencing unrivaled growth.

Technology leader Gartner claims that the global app market will be worth $58bn by 2014, whilst Apple currently own the largest market share (87%) generating over $1.78 billion in revenue.

So how do you take down a Juggernaut like Apple? Team up with an e-commerce giant?

Well that’s exactly what Android have done and “Amazon Appstore” was launched last week with some 3,800 available for immediate download.


Amazon and Android team up


The store is available through any web browser or via a dedicated app for handsets and is synonymous with the brand with personalised recommendations, customer reviews and 1 click payment features.

However our favorite feature by a mile was the “Test Drive” feature that allows clients to test out the app (in browser) before downloading it.

The only downside is that the Amazon Appstore is limited to the US at present, but we hope for it to be available over here quicker than Apple can say “trademark legal action!’



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